Are You Living Your Best Life?


  • Do you feel stopped by the ONE thing that gets in your way?
  • Are you a big thinker that never delivers the BIG results?
  • Do you feel invisible, like you just ‘can’t get no’ satisfaction?
  • Does life feel as if it’s ‘one step forward and two steps back’?

            Most importantly….

Have you reached your breaking point…

   …a point where you’re fed up and…

     …REALLY Ready for a change?  

Whether you are an overwhelmed Conscious Entrepreneur who can’t detach from work, the CEO of a large corporation who seems to be facing the same roadblock over and over or a parent who’s stalled by anxiety or relationship issues…your ability to function effectively is vital. 

It is possible for YOU to live life beyond your wildest dreams. 

As your Life Enhancement Coach and Guide I’ll help you through the process of designing a unique roadmap specific to your needs that 


facilitates rapid transformation and sustainable change.  I work with you holistically and multi-dimensionally in ways that support a release of the underlying issue, rather than treating symptoms.  

I feel it’s vital to create a safe space so you’re confident you can listen to your inner wisdom and shift into greater effectiveness.  The goal is self-awareness, transformation, and tangible, measurable change.  

Let’s talk about how I can help you with personal growth, individually or as a group…Ask Dr. Lin.

Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Voice, Wisdom and Power?

What if you needed a lift, a safe place to let go of your old baggage and come away with some peace of mind? I don’t know about you, but there are times when I need a safe place to chill out and wish for a friend who would just listen.

This book is like having a friend who cares. 

Soul Lifts is filled with timeless wisdom from the lives of those who have created space for their innate brilliance to flourish.Your soul’s wisdom is available to help you shift your perspective and change how you live your life. Find Out More About Soul Lifts Here.


Find Out More About Dr. Lin Morel’s Services…

Spiritual Mentor

Group Training Services

Inspire your Staff and Customers! As many other will attest, Dr. Lin’s Group Trainings help you transition from ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY! It’s time to Get Clear. Get Connected. Read More…

Spiritual Mentor

Jump Start Your Life! (Intensive)

The Leadership by Design (LBD)™ program is designed specifically to help you face your challenges AND develop the skills necessary to move beyond them. Read More…

Spiritual Mentor

Keynote Speaker Services

Are you looking for an AMAZNG Keynote Speaker that can identify with your group and present valuable content? Then it’s time to Team up with Dr. Lin for a Championship Event! Read More..

Dr. Lin Morel – Executive Coach, Author, Speaker

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