Are you falling short of your dreams?

  • Are you a big thinker without the big results?
  • Do you feel like like you aren't visible?
  • 'Can't get no satisfaction?'

It doesn't have to be that way!

You can move beyond that "one thing" that keeps getting in your way.

Don't give up!  It is possible for YOU to live life beyond your wildest dreams. Ironically, help is all around you, when you have the eyes to see it. When you understand your obstacles and that support is available, you can turn those obstacles into steppingstones.  The benefit is you begin living a life of fulfillment, filled with joy, ease,  grace. Doubts, worries and fears no longer limit you.

Benefits of Spiritual Mentorship

We work with individuals (and organizations) committed to living extraordinary lives of purpose and service who are sharing their gifts with the world.   We specialize in helping you move beyond the "issue(s)" that just won't go away and into living the life of your dreams. The process of uncovering the keys to your transformation is energetic and intuitive, combining eastern and western modalities.

Does this describe you?

  • Have you worked with others, and still have that issue?
  • Spent thousands of dollars and still have that issue?
  • Is your life passing by because you can't get past that issue?

We recommend you give yourself a gift of transformation.  Your premier training lasts a year. It's a gentle process that builds a strong foundation and sets you up for success beyond your wildest dreams. We also have three and six month programs that will help you target specific issues.  Here's why the program works so well for you:

  • Persistent issues and patterns require committed focus to clear them from various angles and sources.
  • Complete transformation of multifaceted issues requires this level of focus, commitment and dedication.
  • The greater the depth and precision of your exploration the more your unique brilliance emerges.

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Our commitment to you...

is to provide a solid foundation of support and encouragement, a safe environment to explore issues that may keep you from living your best and highest life.

Here are some of our client's challenges:

  • Problematic relationships
  • Unresolved grief
  • Struggle with worry, fear, doubt
  • Chronic conditions that don't respond to treatment
  • Spiritual discontent
  • Feelings of isolation, separation, hopelessness
  • Emotional patterns that recycle and continue to cause pain
  • Self-sabotage
  • Workaholic or other addictive tendencies
  • You know what it is, and can't resolve it - or just plain stuck?

“I have had many coaches over the years, personal and business. Some of these coaches have been adequate, some even very good, but none like Lin. I thought I was dealing with business/financial issues and she showed me that those were just symptoms of something deeper.” - Lisa Roberts, DVM

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Do You Want Transformation...

...For the Issue that Just Won't Go Away?

This is a living process.

"The path of a competitive karate champion is a transformative journey. The skills necessary to succeed in the ring are the same that help us overcome life's challenges.  Lasting success is an inside job.  It all begins with your mindset."  - Dr. Lin Morel, 5th degree black belt, multiple gold medalist.

You can solve the challenges that hold you back and then turn them into steppingstones for a fabulous life.

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