The Healing Consciousness Group Training Program

LinMorel-grouptrainGet Clear, Get Connected…

Dr. Lin Morel’s The Healing Consciousness Program is about staying clear and connected in everyday life.

Develop an awareness of what will move you towards your dream. Release the things that challenge you. Build stepping stones out of the challenges that are holding you back from experiencing greater freedom, joy and fulfillment.

This program allows you identify your own challenges and co collaborate with Dr. Lin to access and heal your deepest awareness. You’ll have the freedom to grow beyond your current limitations.

The reframing of your limitations is the key to living your life on a higher level than you are now experiencing.

Everything is energy. It is neither good nor bad. Harnessing energy that supports your life is a decision coming from conscious awareness, acceptance and taking the actions that support your intentions.

“Dr. Lin’s ability to zero in on the unseen issues at hand; her presence as a sounding board in times of high stress, and encouragement as I introduce breakthrough technology are beyond words. Her connections have provided Geothermic Solution with possible investment opportunities which are now being developed.

Lin is an indispensable part of my team.”

Dr. Bohdan Zakiewicz

Nobel Prize Nominee

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