Leadership by Design (LBD)™

linmorellbdLeadership by Design (LBD)™ is the process of uncovering the real you. This is your Authentic Self – the you that is greater than your body, mind or emotions.

This is the cornerstone of our work together.

The process is organic and unique to each individual. You’ll become a leader in your own life using your own inner wisdom to design a life filled with joy, deeper fulfillment and a greater ability to create a life that works for you.

Let Dr. Lin Morel Help You Move Beyond Your Challenges

The Leadership by Design (LBD)™ program is designed specifically to help you face your challenges AND develop the skills necessary to move beyond them.  As you clear the obstacles to success, you’ll find more peace, clarity and connection to what you truly want. You step into your champion’s mindset – and access the “Olympian’s flow” that gives you the cutting edge in business, relationships and life.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you reach your goals and still feel empty?  Joyless?
  • Do you desire to leave a legacy of service?
  • Do you ever feel as though your head and heart are at war?
  • Do you find yourself driven and can’t slow down?
  • Do you notice recurring patterns of success followed by loss?
  • Do you believe that your past is a predictor of your future?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions…You’re not alone. 

During your time together you have the luxury of time to reflect, release and re-frame your life from a new perspective that gives you greater freedom, connection, clarity and choice.

If you are eager to turbo-charge your transition and growth, then the Jump Start Your Life Intensive might be for you.

A brilliant breakthrough with expectant mother, actor and writer, Laura Kachergus

What is a Jump Start Your Life Intensive?

Dr. Lin offers her intensives in Sunny California, just minutes from the beach in Marina del Rey.  You’ll work a little, reflect, play, allow, release and let go in ways that defy words.  You get a chance for a life make-over, and get to keep the wisdom that is born from life’s challenges, without the painful memories.  How do we know that?

You get perspective – a precursor to power, wisdom, and understanding.

An amazing thing happens when you make time to step back, reflect and release the energetic blocks that hold you back. You step up into another level of awareness, so that you can step forward into a life that works for you.

An intensive may not be right for you – it isn’t for the fainthearted – but if you are willing to bring your heart, mind, and soul along for the ride — and put your body on the line by showing up — then you can open up a life of brilliance and mastery. The hardest part is often saying “yes” to yourself.

What you can expect from an Intensive with Dr. Lin:

  • The opportunity to spend time with Lin in a one-on-one setting (or by prior arrangement, couples)
  • A guarantee that Lin will work with you to help clear and release obstacles to your clarity, connection to your own innate body’s wisdom, and ability to recognize your own deepest desires and intuition. Of course, the timing and depth of your shift depends on you your willingness to let go and cooperate with the process — YOUR process — of unfolding
  • Time for pampering, rest, and play – all necessary for an organic shift to occur.  All work doesn’t work!
  • Opportunities to connect with and receive optional healing modalities, including an entire computerized body assessment to help you pinpoint energetic issues
  • The opportunity to experience and connect with a spiritual source of energy that is life transforming
  • Unexpected miracles, wonder and magic

What would it be worth to you if you could cross the bridge from your current life into one of clarity, fulfillment, peace, joy and abundance – a life of mastery, magic and freedom to really be yourself?

If this path has heart for you, then trust your own inner knowing. It doesn’t matter if you work with Lin or not, just do your work.  The world needs YOU to show up as the BEST YOU you can be.

Your Next Steps to Jump Start Your Life….

If this path has heart for you, then trust your own inner knowing. It doesn’t matter if you work with Lin or not, just do your work.  The world needs YOU to show up as the BEST YOU you can be.

If your heart says, “Work with Lin,” then your next step is to fill out the Contact Form below for more information.  If you are accepted into the Jump Start Your Life℠ intensive, then we’ll schedule a date that works for us both and send you a list of area hotels, all within easy walking distance.  Hotel accommodations are your responsibility, as is transportation to and from LAX airport.

We look forward to helping you jump start your life as you walk across the bridge to your brilliant self!

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