Don’t Miss Another Moment…

Don’t Miss Another Moment…

It’s all you’ve got.

Sometimes of year are tougher than others.
Moments of loss are etched in time, as are those
of joy,

Birthdays, holidays, the loss of loved ones, or the
change that comes with every years passing.

As this year draws to a close, consider the many
gifts that have been given and received.

Loneliness and isolation steal moments in our
lives. The past consumes us.

We contract and draw inward. Left untended,
relationships weaken, our life force diminishes.

Each day is a season unto itself.

Connect, serve, touch another’s heart.
It may be your own that is healed in the doing.

Peace & Blessings,

Dr. Lin Morel


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After Election Blessings!

What an election!  Now comes the time for reconciliation.

I’ve had lots of conversations this week with distraught people who voted for Hillary Clinton.  People who stayed home from work, and worked themselves up into a whole lot of upset.

If the Trump had lost, it would be the same with different faces. Thank goodness for diversity. The people spoke and what is done is done.

Now for the blessings.

Freedom ultimately begins within.  We have the freedom to choose our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.  It is our responsibility to be aware of what we are thinking and speaking.

When we hold for the highest and best, it’s pretty fair to say that the atmosphere is charged with a “can do” attitude.  It’s also sometimes a bitter pill to swallow when our highest and best outcome doesn’t match expectations of what we think highest and best means.

Negativity wins when the atmosphere is filled with gloom and doom. Imagine being curled up in a fetal position and say “I’m happy.” It just doesn’t cut it.  If you stand up straight, and raise your hands you’ll find your body and emotions respond immediately.

Judging another person’s viewpoint is a no win proposition.   You don’t have their life experiences, nor their life path. Judging another person, no matter how righteous you feel, only hurts yourself.  People feel judgments like a 2 x 4 that they can’t articulate.

We cannot be truly free until we realize that we are responsible for the use or misuse of our life force.

Why not stand tall and be part of the blessings that we can share with another? Regardless of viewpoint or perspective, loving-kindness and best wishes work wonders.  

Doubt that?  When children are labeled as problems or special needs, teachers generally gear up for the worst.   Students live up to their labels. Take those same children and put them in a classroom with a teacher who is told they are exceptional, and they become just that.

Life is a schoolroom.  We are all teachers and all students.  Why not bring a little “extra special grace” to those around us, and then outward so that life becomes a blessing. May that choice to bless our elected officials sow seeds that bear amazing fruit.

The Gifts of Grace

The Gifts of Grace








There are two ways
that support excellence.

One is to really work hard,
suffer, sacrifice and climb
to the top of your
personal mountain.

The trouble is that you
can be knocked off by
someone who works harder.

Not so much fun.

The other way is to
work with intention,
gratitude and the
recognition that excellence
is more than just “doing.”

It is a state of being.

The gifts of grace come
freely when you
combine head, heart
right practice and
right choice.

It is a place where
you give up being the
best and simply be

Then you become
a masterpiece —
you become real.

And the doors of
heaven open wide
to welcome you home.

Good Wants

Sunflower | Good Wants

Tonight I was talking with a friend who was angsting about whether or not what she wanted was “good.” It was the second or third time today that this subject came up, including some notes I found scribbled as I was decluttering.

I’m not sure who the author is, nor where the wisdom came from, although there is a really good chance I scratched it down in a moment of reflection.

What people want is good.  If you want something, assume it is good.  You’re not capable of anything that is not good. 

If you are willing to pay the price you deserve it.

Wanting what you want is okay.

Let go of the results. You can’t determine what winning looks like.  God does not punish us for wanting stuff! 

Your want doesn’t have to make sense.  What you want is what you want. 

Take the time to find stillness within.  Pause before you speak about what you want.  Count to five, don’t be tempted to talk to those who will disagree.  Open up and allow your deeper truth to show up. Claim it. Take steps toward it. Own it.

Lastly, give yourself permission to ask for seen and unseen benefactors who support you in manifesting your dreams.  It’s a recipe for goodness becoming visible.


Less is More

dessert | Less is More

If you’re overtired,

If you’re hungry, eat.

If you’re upset,
take ownership.

If you’re unsatisfied with
the rat race, get off the
wheel. Slow down, take

You’ll find that less

If you don’t take care of
yourself, you won’t be
able to take care of your
business or relationships.

If you don’t like your life,
do less, open your heart.

You’ll find that taking
care of yourself is the
prime directive.

It’s your life,
what do you want to
do with it?

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